A plan customized

to your needs alone

We believe every personal investment strategy, like every fine suit, begins by taking the full measure of the individual. Our first step in this process is to get to know you fully as both a person and as an investor.

We'll want to know your vision for the future, your past experiences in the market, and your comfort level with risk. Once we're confident in our understanding of you as an investor and an individual, we'll put together a strategy uniquely suited to you and to the goals you've expressed to us.

The overall investment strategy or plan we create for you will be based upon our financial analysis of these factors.

  • Assessment of your tolerance for investment risk
  • Development of a meaningful, realistic investment objective
  • Determination of appropriate investment time horizons
  • Identification of available resources
  • Analysis of existing investment assets
  • Development of a portfolio rate-of-return objective

The many aspects of this strategy and the specific investments selected will then be personally reviewed with you in detail by Debra K. Brede.

We'll continuously monitor your portfolio and review progress with you at regularly scheduled meetings. As your goals, needs, or market conditions change, we'll revisit our strategy to make adjustments that reflect these new circumstances.

Our financial analysis provides the basis for the allocation of investment assets.