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    Meet the D.K. Brede Team

    Led by Debra Brede, our team delivers investment management services to high-net-worth individuals, corporations, retirement plans, charitable trusts, and municipalities. Every recommendation we make depends on a client's individual needs, as determined personally by Debra.

    In her book, You’re Retired...Now What?, she shares some of her established financial philosophies and advice on making your money work for you during retirement. Developed from a lifetime of industry experience, her wealth management strategies put your values first, pursuing a positive impact for you, your loved ones, and the world.

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    You’re Retired...Now What?

    Utilizing more than 30 years of wealth management experience and expertise, Debra Brede shares how to manage your money through retirement. See how Debra is changing the conversation around retirement.



    Our Services

    We offer an individualized approach to wealth management built upon a deep understanding of your life and goals.


    Investment Management

    There’s more to you than your investor profile. We craft your unique investment strategy with care, attention to detail and your life in mind.


    Wealth Management

    Your financial plan will reflect your overall objectives, as well as specific goals we decide upon for each of the six areas that make up a comprehensive wealth management plan. 

    Awards & Recognition

    Debra K. Brede has ranked among the industry’s top advisors.

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