Our Philosophy

At D.K. Brede Investment Management Company, all of the qualities that reflect what's unique about you—your past experience as an investor, your timeline, future plans, assets, and risk tolerance—underscore the core difference in our philosophy and approach.

We believe every personal investment strategy starts with us getting to know you fully as both a person and as an investor. Once we're confident in our understanding of you as an investor and an individual, we'll put together a strategy uniquely suited to you and to the goals you've expressed to us. The many aspects of this strategy and the specific investments selected will then be personally reviewed with you in detail by Debra K. Brede.

We believe in formulating an investment strategy that's appropriate for you alone, and we work to deliver on that promise based on these fundamental principles:

  • Knowing you and your goals

Not every great investment is a great investment for everyone. We work to know you better from the very first time we meet. Then, we work just as hard to formulate the best strategy to help you achieve your goals.

  • Crafting investment strategies uniquely suited to your life

In contrast to other investment professionals who recommend model portfolios for all their clients, every investment strategy we create is designed—like a custom-fitted suit—to reflect your individual needs alone. Through continuous monitoring, we're able to anticipate and adjust any aspects of this strategy as the circumstances of your life change.

“What I value more than anything are my clients who have placed their trust in me over the last 30 years. I am thankful for their commitment and will continue to dedicate my work to them.” – Debra K. Brede

Every recommendation we make is based solely upon our knowledge, best judgment, and extensive independent research. We're never subject to outside pressures in the form of hidden sales quotas that might influence either the goals we established for you or the ways we advise you to pursue them.

This commitment to independence is also why we chose to affiliate with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a leading Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer. Commonwealth does not produce or market any proprietary investment products, and it provides our firm with the same level of personalized service and support we're committed to giving you.

  • Maintaining objectivity and independence
  • Caring for clients as we, ourselves, would want to be cared for

We've built D.K. Brede Investment Management to be the kind of place we'd want to do business with. Clients are treated as people and not account balances. Our staff is friendly and down to earth—and they're very good listeners.

  • Empowering you to feel confident about your decisions

We're committed to helping you both understand and feel good about the plans we establish for your future, and we're more than happy to patiently explain any aspect of a recommendation we provide. Whether you take a hands-on approach or choose to defer to our experience, we want you to be comfortable with the decisions we've made and with the future we're working toward.

  • Practicing the time-tested principles of prudent financial management

At D.K. Brede Investment Management, we follow time-tested financial principles and treat your money responsibly. As your needs or the broader financial environment changes, we'll work with you to adjust your positions accordingly. We also continuously monitor your portfolio to better anticipate any need to rethink core aspects of your long-term strategy.