Retirement commands a special corner of every working person's mind.

It is at once a dream of endless possibilities and an albatross hanging over each financial brick we lay. Squandering a retirement is nothing special; it happens to smart, wealthy people in every generation. It forces individuals to suffer far more than financial consequences. But there are strategic moves that combat these issues—strategies available to all those willing to take control of their futures.

After more than 30 years of wealth management, Debra Brede is ready to share her method with the world. In You’re Retired… Now What? Discovering & Funding Your Purpose-Driven Retirement*, Brede presents straight-forward instruction for anyone approaching retirement.

From estate planning, understanding what financial peace of mind means to you, and avoiding the Madoffs of the world—each facet of a successful retirement is dissected and given real-world context from Brede’s years of experience.

Beyond the practicalities of finance, Brede lends insights into creating individualized, purpose-driven second acts. Her wealthy clients bear responsibilities to their family and to themselves, but they also have a rare opportunity to carve out true legacies.

"'Purpose' takes many forms,"Brede says. "I believe it is up to each of us to determine how our wealth can be best applied."

You're Retired... Now What? is an essential roadmap for all those with something to lose in retirement.

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