Successful retirement planning is about creating a realistic plan for two distinct phases of your life: your working years and your retirement years.

We work with you to map out choices you can make to ensure your ideal standard of living during your working and retirement years. We’ll help you clarify your pre- and post-retirement goals, estimate the income stream you’ll require in the future, and help you make wise choices about employer-sponsored or other retirement plans, savings, and investment decisions you face.

Because retirement can span decades, planning for it should be a primary focus of your financial plan. And that plan must reflect your unique circumstances and the specific options available to you.

It starts with a distribution analysis, in which we look at projected income from all work-related sources, such as any 401(k), 403(b), or self-employment pension plans to which you’ve been contributing, along with your anticipated social security payments. We then take an in-depth look at your projected investment-derived income from sources such as stocks, bonds, trusts, CDs, and dividends.

We’ll then work with you to outline a strategic distribution strategy that effectively manages your cash flow while taking into account projected post-retirement health care needs, including a discussion of Medicare and long-term care insurance, the projected rate of inflation, and the need to minimize your tax burden.