Tax laws change every year, and many people spend their time sifting through the political rhetoric and convoluted fine print to figure out how it all applies to them. Where many see confusion and uncertainty, however, we at D.K. Brede Investment Management see opportunity.

We are ever mindful of your unique circumstances and the ways evolving tax laws will impact your interests. Tax planning is a necessary and integral part of every one of our services, and we'll coordinate with your CPA, as necessary, to make the process as painless and profitable for you as we can.

Our tax planning services include:

  • Minimizing Income Taxes: Reducing your taxable income to manage your federal income tax liability
  • Deferral Strategies: Exploring investment vehicles and strategies that may help you postpone the payment of taxes
  • Tax Planning for Investments: Customizing your portfolio to permit personalized tax management of your investments
  • Year-End Tax Planning: Minimizing taxable gains by readjusting your portfolio at year-end to offset gains and losses